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Financial Feng Shui with Patricia Lohan

Financial Feng Shui with Patricia Lohan

July 8, 2022

- tune in to hear Patricia's top tips on tweaking your living space to bring in abundance to lose the stale energy that's holding you back from living your financial dream -

Many of us are sensing or predicting an impending financial funk, we know that fear of falling is always worse than the crash itself and our patterns when we sense an upcoming drought can be unhelpful or even toxic to our own financial future health. Patricia Lohan, founder of Powerhouse Feng Shui, assists people to untangle their money worries and apply the principles of Feng Shui to align their living space to permit the inhabitants to achieve their highest potential.

For those new to Feng Shui, Patricia relates it as "acupuncture for your home" - hence it goes more than surface deep, and Patricia's work with her many global clients living in every type of dwelling from mansions to mobile homes has proved that addressing the fundamental energetic dynamic of a home can impact us in every aspect of our lives.

You can find Patricia on Instagram on @powerhouse.fengshui and connect with her to work with her directly.

Loretta Kennedy - Detox Your Money Trauma & Embrace Abundance

Loretta Kennedy - Detox Your Money Trauma & Embrace Abundance

June 29, 2022

In the first of our new series, "Fortune Telling", we start the mammoth of job of untangling and healing our collective relationship with money.

Loretta Kennedy is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who was carrying her inherited money trauma around as dead weight all her life, until she finally decided to face her fears and address her chronic attitude of lack in her financial dealings.

Listen in for some key takeaways how you too can start to dig up and tackle your relationship with money, and start a journey towards financial freedom.

To find out more about Loretta's work and connect with her you can pop over to https://linktr.ee/lorettakennedy

To take the money script test click here - https://www.bradklontz.com/moneyscriptstest


Two Green Shoots - Adam and Chloe

Two Green Shoots - Adam and Chloe

June 8, 2022

Say you cared about the world, about the fate of this planet, cared about it so much that you just gave up your previous lives and threw it all into the dream of a forest garden hidden in the hills outside Glengariff, west Cork. Well that's pretty much just what these two intrepid dreamers have done.


Two Green Shoots emerged on the farm owned by Chloe's parents and the beauty of the wilderness tumbles down the hill and envelopes you. Adam's deep knowledge of plants means that EVERYTHING that surrounds you has use, has purpose, and is also pure play. Just like this powerful yet playful couple of adventurous nature lovers.


This is a snippet of the time we spent chatting with the pair, after enjoying a breakfast made entirely from the bounty their land provides. We hope you enjoy our whimsical post-breakfast wander on the themes of self sufficiency, permaculture, and finding joy in living simply.

Dr Sara Hunt - Functional Fertility - FULL EPISODE

Dr Sara Hunt - Functional Fertility - FULL EPISODE

April 20, 2022

No matter what age you are - your body should always be trying to be in a place where it can make a baby. Now maybe you're not in the mood to make babies, or you're completely finished making them, or you're not old enough yet to start thinking about bringing more tiny people into the world. But our sex hormone health is a major marker for our overall health.

In this insightful conversation with Dr Sara Hunt, you'll learn just WHY fertility should be at the core of your health plans (independent of age and aims), and HOW to start looking at the things that could be impacting your your cycle. It's time to start thinking optimal health, for your now and for your tomorrow. Fertility tracking is a GREAT way to get started.

You can work with Dr Sara Hunt as a functional medicine practitioner by contacting her on drsarahunt.ie

Don’t Make Menopause a Bitter Pill - Uma Dinsmore Tuli - Have some Ghee for your Ghee

Don’t Make Menopause a Bitter Pill - Uma Dinsmore Tuli - Have some Ghee for your Ghee

February 20, 2022

Your journey through the cycles of life can be bitter, it can taste like something you didn't want to choose. But how can you change the flavour of your life to allow you to flow through each phase, and especially for women - how can you transition through this time known as 'menopause', with an attitude that allows you to blossom and bloom all over again.


This incredibly insightful conversation with Uma Dinsmore Tuli gives you an idea of what it is to craft your experience of menopause using the wisdom of yoni shakti, to embrace all the learnings that this phase in life offers you,


Tune in to hear real wisdom from a yoga therapist who has been writing about and offering the deep teachings that yogic principles ascribe to draw women deeper into their life experience.


Join her for her Menopause Immersion weekend online retreat staring Friday 25th February. This could be two completely LIFE CHANGING days if you're ready to embrace change. Visit www.thesource.co for more or follow Uma on Instagram @umadinsmoretuli

The ABC’s of Homeopathy for Children - Julia Edgely

The ABC’s of Homeopathy for Children - Julia Edgely

February 10, 2022

Homeopathy provides a valuable toolkit and Julia Edgely is an expert administrator of all its powerful repertoire of remedies. Tune in to learn some really simple fundamental tricks to manage health in your own home.


Building resilience as a parent is a lot about getting to know your own child's health. What is a normal temperature for THEM? What are the early warning signs to tell you when they're coming down with something. How do you treat simple symptoms and self limiting ailments at HOME, and preserve the doctor's surgery for those that really need it?  Learn all this and more in this great primer on the ABC's of homeopathy for kids.

From Famine Hero to Farmer - Dr Steve Collins

From Famine Hero to Farmer - Dr Steve Collins

January 24, 2022

His work in famine-stricken Darfur gave him the opportunity to save countless lives through community-based nutrition schemes, where he won international awards for the creation of effective delivery systems for the life-saving Plumpy-Nut nutrition bar.

He has wrestled with dairy and other commercial lobbies, NGO’s, and the might of the WHO to bring sustainable food systems and food sovereignty to impoverished nations who in his own words “ the world has forgotten “


After a career serving and saving communities from starvation, and after setting up his own charity, Valid Nutrition, Dr Steve Collins has retreated to the wilds of west cork to further his research into nutrition, populating the hillside and feeding the local community with organic blueberries.


Join us as we wander around his farm , hear his story and unpack the real root cause underlying global food poverty.


With thanks to our sponsors Clear Light Saunas: when your ready to invest in your health and put a hot box in your garden, let us know and we will get you a discount As always : like and subscribe to make sure you keep getting access to the content we create and help us keep the conversations coming !

Emily Ewell - Period Underwear - Menstrual Care for the Modern Age

Emily Ewell - Period Underwear - Menstrual Care for the Modern Age

December 10, 2021

Guess how many menstrual care products get dumped in landfills, rivers and oceans every year...no, higher....1 trillion. Yup can you even imagine it.

Emily Ewell set out to change all this when she founded Pantys period underwear, with a mission to support women's menstrual health, and to do it while removing tonnes and tonnes of CO2 from our atmosphere.

If you want to know how to use these revolutionary tools to manage your periods, then tune in, and for men too! Get to know what your partner, sister, mother or friends are having to deal with, and you could even be the one who opens them up to the world of period underwear.

Want to pick up a pair of Pantys? Finn sells Pantys on his online store just go to https://www.thehopsack.ie/product-brands/pantys/

Brianna Mercado - Sexuality, Polyamory and Motherhood

Brianna Mercado - Sexuality, Polyamory and Motherhood

November 10, 2021

Close your eyes. Imagine a mother. We bet it doesn't contain a sexualised image of a woman. But why not? Our traditional concept of motherhood is one of a selfless nurturing woman, we cleave it apart from the sexual woman who created the child, but why do we do that? Why is sex such a dirty word? Cos sex makes children right?

Brianna Mercado is a woman who stands with amazing grace in the midst of all our confusion, giving these multi-dimensional life purposes a single vessel, coherently operating as a mother, a sexual being, and a woman who is beautifully liberated from the strictures of conventional coupling.

Join us as we explore her life and gain from her reflections and insights on the inalienable rights of women (and men) to explore who they are to themselves and each other. We think her words have meaning for us all, to better understand who we are at our essence, and how simply complete and integrated we can be if we are brave and courageous enough to explore with a true heart what the world of human connection has to offer us.

Ranae Von Meding - Assisted Reproduction & Rights for Children

Ranae Von Meding - Assisted Reproduction & Rights for Children

October 18, 2021

In a moment where our nation is once again poised to make one leap forward and take two steps back in equality and human rights legislation, we had a very special conversation with a lady whose very DNA is at the core of the issue of children's and parents' rights.


Ranae Von Meding's own journey with fertility clinics and the arcane legislation and policies that surround parenthood for LGBT+ couples have led her to this position as an advocate for the rights and equality of all children. Having had to travel out of the country to conceive a child with her partner via reciprocal IVF, Ranae found herself in the position that many families face - part of a parenting couple, with a child that has only 1 official and legal parent.


Many families across all spectrums face a similar journey with surrogacy, with the mother in these cases not recognised legally as a parent of their own child. Witness the recent coverage of the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill, in which mothers such as host of The Good Glow, Georgie Crawford will see their rights put to the back of the queue and buried for who knows how many more years....

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