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Brianna Mercado - Sexuality, Polyamory and Motherhood

Brianna Mercado - Sexuality, Polyamory and Motherhood

November 10, 2021

Close your eyes. Imagine a mother. We bet it doesn't contain a sexualised image of a woman. But why not? Our traditional concept of motherhood is one of a selfless nurturing woman, we cleave it apart from the sexual woman who created the child, but why do we do that? Why is sex such a dirty word? Cos sex makes children right?

Brianna Mercado is a woman who stands with amazing grace in the midst of all our confusion, giving these multi-dimensional life purposes a single vessel, coherently operating as a mother, a sexual being, and a woman who is beautifully liberated from the strictures of conventional coupling.

Join us as we explore her life and gain from her reflections and insights on the inalienable rights of women (and men) to explore who they are to themselves and each other. We think her words have meaning for us all, to better understand who we are at our essence, and how simply complete and integrated we can be if we are brave and courageous enough to explore with a true heart what the world of human connection has to offer us.

Ranae Von Meding - Assisted Reproduction & Rights for Children

Ranae Von Meding - Assisted Reproduction & Rights for Children

October 18, 2021

In a moment where our nation is once again poised to make one leap forward and take two steps back in equality and human rights legislation, we had a very special conversation with a lady whose very DNA is at the core of the issue of children's and parents' rights.


Ranae Von Meding's own journey with fertility clinics and the arcane legislation and policies that surround parenthood for LGBT+ couples have led her to this position as an advocate for the rights and equality of all children. Having had to travel out of the country to conceive a child with her partner via reciprocal IVF, Ranae found herself in the position that many families face - part of a parenting couple, with a child that has only 1 official and legal parent.


Many families across all spectrums face a similar journey with surrogacy, with the mother in these cases not recognised legally as a parent of their own child. Witness the recent coverage of the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill, in which mothers such as host of The Good Glow, Georgie Crawford will see their rights put to the back of the queue and buried for who knows how many more years....

Jacqueline Kelly - The Power Of No

Jacqueline Kelly - The Power Of No

September 23, 2021

A tiny word, but oh how disallowed it is. For mothers especially, setting boundaries around your time and work and responsibility and duties is more than unsettling, in fact it's so challenging that conversations around a mum's vast remit of expectations are things that usually don't happen thoughout the entirety of a lifetime. A lifetime spent struggling to meet expectations of selfless devotion.

But it's time to lift the lid and seek out these darker places and bring them out to meet the sunshine of real life. Can we start to have the conversations that scratch the surface of society's impossibly perfected image of motherhood, to acknowledge the subtle yet profound value in steering away from self-sacrifice, whilst still observing and cherishing the selfless act of mothering? Of true parenthood? 

This was a blissful and revealing conversation with a wise and insightful human being - go follow @our_bravehearts and treat yourself to some comforting discomfort and whole dose of mother-loving reality.

Sarah Sproule - Should the Bishops Teach our Kids Sex Ed

Sarah Sproule - Should the Bishops Teach our Kids Sex Ed

August 30, 2021

***warning this episode contains mild sexual references as part of an educational resource***

We are living in a secular state. Or are we...? Sarah Sproule is an occupational therapist with a difference. Her online presence focuses on how to have conversation with our kids about sex as they start to become curious. Without feeling uncomfortable. Without running away.


Her work has been profoundly helpful in giving parents practical tools to help their kids grow up with a safe working knowledge of their biology, of how to manage consent (which starts much earlier than you might imagine, and really protects your children from potential harm), and helps our households to unpack generations' worth of the unspoken issues around sexuality, sexual health and living as respectful, compassionate and sexual beings under one roof as a family.


But our country's national primary schools are still connected to the Catholic church, and their messaging around sex education is QUITE different to what we and Sarah would consider to be healthy, inclusive and progressive in the 21st Century. Listen in and learn how Sarah's approach can help us to prevent an outdated model of sex education from inhibiting the next generation and helping bring conversations about sex out from the dark corners and into the light for all our benefit.

Extended Breastfeeding with Maria O’Sullivan

Extended Breastfeeding with Maria O’Sullivan

August 9, 2021

When you see an image of a mother breastfeeding her toddler, what does it make you feel? In this podcast we are discussing the realities of extended ( or more accurately 'Natural Term' ) breastfeeding in the western world.

Given UNICEF's statistics that 77-91% of women in countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Rwanda and Malawi are breastfeeding over 20 months, you could be forgiven for thinking that we didn't have a job to do to encourage mums to take up breastfeeding. But it seems that countries with higher incomes and education such as our own ( Ireland ) - where only 13% of mothers continue breastfeeding to 6 months and beyond - have a crisis on their hands.

Maria O'Sullivan is just one of a growing population of mums who have taken breastfeeding through to its natural term; allowing their children to wean when they are ready and therefore giving their babies a wealth of emotional and nutritional advantages, as well as incurring many health benefits themselves such as lower risks of breast cancer.

According to the WHO, even a modest increase in breastfeeding could prevent up to 10% of deaths in children under 5, given this statistic, it seems imperative that we band together to try to improve not only education but more importantly support for breastfeeding mums across the globe.  Tune in to hear Marias story; as a single mum who has practiced extended breastfeeding with all three of her kids and gone on to train as a lactation consultant, providing valuable help to countless mums over the years she is uniquely placed to discuss this challenging topic.


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Tanya Fitzpatrick - Function Over Form - Building A Body For Real Work

Tanya Fitzpatrick - Function Over Form - Building A Body For Real Work

July 27, 2021

Where Has Yoga Gone Wrong And Are We Dead From The Neck Down?


Kind of a prickly set of questions but we found the BEST lady to try to paddle our way towards an answer.


Somatic movement is a lost language in most of our endeavours. Whether mindlessly bingeing another Nextflix series, or deadlifting our PB, the usual result of human experience is ill health.

Tanya Fitzpatrick as a yoga teacher and practitioner stands like a firebrand in opposition to this slide into malaise.  We discuss and consider what got us to this point in unembodied movement and living, and start to ask the question...Can a better body mind relationship be the secret to a better, longer, less sick life?

Lily Burgony - Maternal Mental Health

Lily Burgony - Maternal Mental Health

May 13, 2021

Are you a mother already? Or a mama to be? We know the struggle is real. Mums all too often get stuck in that "keep calm and carry on" mindset, burying their own needs in the daily struggle to keep everyone else happy and catered for around them.

This isn't the sign of a connected, healthy and compassionate society. We don't think anyone in their right mind wants this to persist. So how can we seek to change it? And when it gets right down to the wire - how to be a warrior mother and be the author of your experience when you're alone and vulnerable in the maternity ward?

When transitioning through birth, how can mums find a voice and address these things - and how can we foster our nation of mums and show them that we believe in their needs and want to support them. Because as we all know - a society full of happy and healthy mums is most definitely going to make the world a better place.

Denis Healy - Earth Day Every Day

Denis Healy - Earth Day Every Day

April 26, 2021
Nobody can tell Denis Healy he doesn't do enough for our planet. From planting literally thousands of trees and flowers every season around his organic farm in west Wicklow to preserving and introducing new wetlands and watercourses, Denis' farm is a flourishing empire in celebration of the bounty of nature.
To many of those out there in our capitalist society, Denis may just seem plain crazy, recklessly planting and ploughing what profits come from a small market garden business back into the land.
His instincts are so strong for his craft of growing and tending plants, both edible and not, that his actions are like a man possessed, possessed by the spirit of abundant nature, and committed tooth and nail to leaving this earth, at least the part of it he can influence, in a better state than when he started on it.
He's a beautiful man, and his affection for his family and his burning passion for life in all forms is infectious. We want a bit of what he's having....
Rachael Fionda - A Journal Of Birth And Loss

Rachael Fionda - A Journal Of Birth And Loss

April 20, 2021

***This podcast contains conversations around infant loss. Please be careful of who's listening***

Let us tell you a story about bravery. A story of grief. Of loss. And one of true courage. This is also a story of finding joy in what can seem like dark and heavy times A story of a life that although cut short in the cruelest of ways, still inhabits the world and plays a role the family they were just getting ready to join.

Rachael Fionda is truly a brave mother. Having suffered the loss of her baby boy, Wolfhart, just months earlier, she felt compelled to share her story with us on Wandering Into Wellness - which we recognise as a very special gift. Her story is powerful, and traumatic, but also uplifting, and we hope, empowering for the many mothers who may have walked a similar path.

But for all of us, opening ourselves up to the worlds of grief, death, and loss is useful to develop our language around these topics and to come closer to understanding the emotions involved. To be able to connect with greater vulnerability in a moment that we will face many times throughout the journey of our lives.

Our deepest thanks go to Rachael for talking to us about her experience. Rachael has since welcomed another baby to the world. Her little girl, Cordelia was born on the 23rd of March, and we are thrilled for her and her family.

Rachael mentions the charity below who provide memory boxes to parents going through baby loss. https://feileacain.ie/remembering/feileacain-memory-box


Another resource for parents who resonate with Rachael's story is the Other Side of The Door Journal - a journal which aims to support women & men who have experienced miscarriage and baby loss. Find out more about it here https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-other-side-of-the-door-journal




Sarah Tobin - Helping Mamas Tap Through Trauma

Sarah Tobin - Helping Mamas Tap Through Trauma

March 31, 2021

No time in life requires more support than early motherhood - for child and parent alike, the journey starts out with huge pressures on both nervous systems as life throws more and more on a pair that just need to take rest and seek connection.

Through her own trauma, losing a child soon after birth, Sara came to EFT and with the help of this powerful tool she processed and released the grief and cured herself from the PTSD that engulfed her. She went on to train professionally and now educates mums and others online to free themselves from their own trauma.

Her new journal, "The Other Side Of The Door", is an effort to put a powerful tool into the hands of parents who suffer the loss of an infant, to help them navigate and come to terms with the devastating loss of a child. The Other Side Of The Door Journal is set for release within a few weeks, so we felt now was a good time to release this powerful conversation.

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