Wandering Into Wellness

Biohacking Brain Trauma - Dasha Maximov

December 9, 2019

From Heliotherapy and sun gazing, to vipasana and forest bathing, Dasha has dived deep into the world of health. 

Just one year on from the start of her journey into serious health exploration, prompted by suffering her 6th concussion, Dasha has become a serious biohacker.  And it's no surprise either, as her history studying neurology and and managment science shows this lady's ability to hack into and apply the science.    

The really powerful part of Dasha's story is in her capacity and willingness to change, and in her commitment to find joy in her new lifestyle approach.  There's no doubting that she had challenge, but what Dasha's transformation shows is that when life throws us hurdles, and insists we live within new limitations, those limitations don't have to behave as restrictive boundaries, rather we can find new routes to raise our vibrations, increase our vitality and find access to our personal evolution.


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