Wandering Into Wellness

Rob Verkerk - A Respectful “No” To The No Meat Agenda

October 13, 2019

With the pressure mounting on the carnivores to consider their meat consumption, it’s rare to find a balanced voice who can actually pick apart the delicate nuanced science behind the noise.

Dr Robert Verkerk is just such a man however. With a re-focus on eco-agricultural methods, Rob believes, and convincingly so, that we are better off with some degree of animal agriculture, both for human health and the health of our planet. Predictably, he urges a reduction in meat consumption, but if large tracts of the population turn vegan he says - they must become “wise vegans” with a view to ensuring that certain micronutrients are focused on in supplement form in order to maintain and optimise health. He breaks some of these key nutrients down so that those of us keen to make our lives more plant-based, can do so with confidence.